This course is designed for those who want to memorize the Holy Quran correctly. Our expert teachers guides the students step by step giving specific lessons every day as homework.

Learning to read and recite the Holy Quran in the way of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) is very important in Islam. He (Peace be Upon Him) himself established the rules of recitation and encouraged his followers to learn the Quran by heart so that it is put to memory. Indeed it is the most commonly memorized and recited Book all over the globe. In every Muslim’s home, this obligation should be illustrated as a highly important one and the daily routine should include the recitation of the Quran.

Hifz-ul-quran… Respected Sahabah, The Companions of Beloved Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him) used to memorize the Holy Quran and our aim to put our students on the same path to follow their great way. Students recite the Holy Quran and to memorize it.

Whoever memorizes Qur’aan and acts upon it, Allaah will reward him and honor him greatly for that, and then that he will move up in status in Paradise to a grade equalent with what he memorized from the Kalam of Allah. In this world, the Hafiz of the Quran has such a rank in this world that he is one of only two types of people considered worthy of envy.

Narrated from ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr that the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)said: “It will be said to the companion of the Qur’aan: Recite and rise in status, recite as you used to recite in the world, for your status will be at the last verse that you recite.” (Al-Tirmidhi 2914)

“Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that Rasulullah (Peace be Upon Him) said: There is no jealousy but of two men: A man whom Allah has taught the Quran and he recites is during the hours of the night and during the hours of the day, and his neighbor listens to him and says: “I wish I had been given what has been given to so-and-so, in order that I might do what he does; and a man whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it on what is just and right, whereupon another man may say: “I wish I had been given what so-and-so has been given, for then I would do what he does” (Sahih Bukhari).

Quran Hifz course is conducted by our Madarsa, for children who have great desire for memorizing Quran. It does not mean mere memorization of Quranic verses, but it is done by giving more importance to Tajweed and Makhraj.

According to hadith, the Qur’an is revealed in seven ahruf.

Malik Ibn Anas has reported: Abd Al-Rahman Ibn Abd al-Qari narrated: “ Umar Ibn al-Khattab said before me: I heard Hisham Ibn Hakim Ibn Hizam reading Surat Al-Furqan in a different way from the one I used to read it, and the Prophet himself had read out this surah to me. Consequently, as soon as I heard him, I wanted to get hold of him. However, I gave him respite until he had finished the prayer. Then I got hold of his cloak and dragged him to the Prophet ((Peace be Upon Him). I said to him: “I have heard this person [Hisham Ibn Hakim Ibn Hizam] reading Surah Al Furqan in a different way from the one you had read it out to me.” The Prophet said: “Leave him alone [O ‘Umar].” Then he said to Hisham: “Read [it].” [Umar said:] “He read it out in the same way as he had done before me.” [At this,] the Prophet ((Peace be Upon Him) said: “It was revealed thus.” Then the Prophet ((Peace be Upon Him) asked me to read it out. So I read it out. [At this], he said: “It was revealed thus; this Qur’an has been revealed in Seven Ahruf. You can read it in any of them you find easy from among them.

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